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They said: you can't improve on the stylish sophistication of the Luxury Beanbag chair We said: hold on! we needed both hands and at least as many brains to come up with this stroke of pure comfort . We call it the Vibe, and it's covered in a sleek, leather like material in rich hues, making it the perfect fit for any room so finally u can be proud of your beanbag shape from Bean2Go which is unique and available only in Bean2Go.

Comfortable Outer Cover: Fabric for indoors and Outdoors use.

Extra Inner Cover: For increased comfort and durability.

Refill Available: You can refill your bean bag entirely or top it up with more Styrofoam for increased flexibility.

Cover Replacement Available: You can replace the outer cover with another in up to 8 different colors and a variety of seasonal patterns for a clean new look.

Easy to Clean: Stains and spills are easily manageable with lukewarm water and a neutral detergent.

Product Warranty: 6-Months warranty on all products. against manufacturing defects.

Product Care: simply mix a few drops of a mild fabric detergent with lukewarm water and wipe with a damp washcloth.


Dimensions (in cm)

90 x 90




Foam Beans + Soft Fiber support

Durable For

Indoors & Outdoors

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