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Grand Fabric Pattern

EGP 1,700
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UPC: 6223008412734
Brand: Bean2Go
ID: 6223008412734
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After Getting the Grand Beanbag from Bean2Go, All it takes is one sit to understand exactly why our one-of-a-kind Amazing collection has brought beanbags out of your basement and into college campuses, bedrooms and living rooms around the world. With all sorts of sizes and colors available, all perfectly filled with our cozy foam, the hardest part about sitting down on any Grand Beanbag is convincing yourself it’s time to get up.

Comfortable Outer Cover: Fabric for indoors use.

Extra Inner Cover: For increased comfort and durability.

Refill Available: You can refill your bean bag entirely or top it up with more Styrofoam for increased flexibility.

Cover Replacement Available: You can replace the outer cover with another in up to 8 different colors and a variety of seasonal patterns for a clean new look.

Easy to Clean: Stains and spills are easily manageable with lukewarm water and a neutral detergent.

Product Warranty: 6-Months warranty on all products. against manufacturing defects.

Product Care: simply mix a few drops of a mild fabric detergent with lukewarm water and wipe with a damp washcloth.


Dimensions (in cm)

95 x 60




Bean Foam, Soft Fiber Support

Durable For


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